The unique design advantages of the Sundermann turbine position the technology perfectly as one of the best renewable energy solution for many target markets.

In Australia, the main markets for the Sundermann Turbine are electricity consumers in remote and regional areas who are not connected to the high voltage electricity grid. The Sundermann Turbine is considered to be ideal in these areas as these consumers are generally reliant on expensive, high emission power generation (e.g. diesel generators). Significant expressions of interest have already been received from this market.

A second market is vertically integrated electricity companies seeking to diversify away from emission intensive generation. The Sundermann Turbine should reduce the portfolio risk by providing a more balanced source of generation.

SWP has identified potential in developed countries where small scale power generation either existed in the past or where old generators are still being used in some mountain streams.

SWP also sees potential in developing countries where the existing electricity grid is poor and generation is typically emissions intensive. SWP intends to move into these markets once operations have been established in Australia and Europe. A very large but more complex opportunity, tapping the energy from ocean currents, will be investigated at a subsequent stage.

  • Remote and isolated communities without reliable and cheap power

    The simplicity and portability of the turbine means it can be situated in remote areas where infrastructure is not well-developed. Comparatively cheaper than other generators, it will prove a cost-effective alternative to expensive diesel.

  • Power-generators

    These companies generate power and sell to the power wholesalers who then, in turn, feed the power the electricity into the grid. The power-generator companies are currently heavily reliant on traditional forms of power-generation, which are harmful to the environment. By utilising the Sundermann Water Power Turbine, a company could gain carbon credits which would off-set their current omissions.

  • Private Electricity Contractors (PEC)

    In remote areas of Australia, the Federal Government awards contracts to private companies for the supply of electricity to communities. These PECs currently use old diesel generators for the supply of power. This process has many drawbacks including being environmentally unfriendly, expensive to operate with the increasing cost of diesel, and have low reliability rates of between 50-80 per cent.

  • Private individuals

    There are many private individuals, in regional and country areas, who generate their own power. The Sundermann Turbine would be ideal for these people who have appropriate water-flows through their property.

  • Overseas

    The company is seeking opportunities overseas, targeting organisations that assist in the development of infrastructure in third-world or undeveloped countries. These organisations include the World Bank and the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.