Carbon emissions have become a cause for concern, and the future direction is clear, renewable energy sources need to be utilized.

In reaching renewable-energy targets set for 2020, the ground-breaking technology of the Sundermann Water Turbine will be a crucial factor; its advantages are evident.

  • Renewable Energy

    The Sundermann Water Turbine produces renewable energy with virtually no impact on the environment. Where possible, recycled materials will be used in the construction of the turbine.

  • Power generation efficiency

    Due to its unique design, the Sundermann Water Turbine can produce electricity from low-head, low-velocity water. It has the capacity to generate electricity in a tidal environment for up to 20.5 hours in a 24 hour cycle, and can convert water movement into power at a very efficient rate.

  • Base power production

    Unlike wind-power generators which only provide peak power, if placed in strategically located positions, the Sundermann Water Turbine has the capacity to produce base power when located in rivers or exiting mill races. By utilizing the differences in tidal patterns (sometimes even within a small distance) the turbines have the potential to produce continuous power virtually over 24 hours.

  • Cost of power production

    It is expected that the cost of power produced using the Sundermann Water Turbine will be around half the cost of wind power.

  • Green-energy offsets

    The turbine has potential to be used for green-energy offsets by energy companies. Coal-power producers worldwide are seeking opportunities for carbon offsets by investing in renewable-energy projects.

  • Minimum visual impact

    As most of the turbine is under water, there is no visual impact on the seascape. The Sundermann Water Turbine can be retrofitted to existing mill races that have previously been used to drive water mills. There needs to be an electrical switch gear station on land, but this is at low heights and will be visually and environmentally friendly.

  • Minimum impact on aquatic environment

    The Sundermann Water Turbine is fitted with protective barriers and operates at slow rotational speeds, ensuring the safety of marine life in the aquatic environment.