Company profile

Sundermann Water Power is an unlisted public company currently developing a submerged water turbine which can deliver electrical power to the grid or power a remote site.

Sundermann Water Power Ltd was formed to acquire the worldwide patents from Mr. Fred Sundermann for a tidal electrical generating system, the Sundermann Water Turbine, and to further develop this concept. It aims to construct commercially available electrical generating systems based on the technology.

The project has been funded through director’s funds as well as the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board through an offer document. The company has acquired the patents and several prototypes of the proposed generating unit has been built.

Once the final prototype has been fully tested and the efficiency of the turbine confirmed, Sundermann Water Power aims to raise between $3 million to $4 million to proceed to commercialize the technology globally.

Who is running the company?

Sundermann Water Power has a professional and first-rate team of board members and advisors, combining design expertise with managerial experience to ensure the project will achieve its maximum potential.

Through its Managing Director, the Board has considerable experience in the manufacturing and construction of power-generation projects.