Minimal impact on the marine environment


Sundermann Water Power is dedicated to generating emission free, renewable energy from moving water in tidal flows and inland waterways.

water turbine testing

The company’s core technology is a unique Modular Micro Hydro turbine, the main component in a complete renewable energy system. The turbine has minimal impact on the marine environment and minimal visual impact on the surrounding land or seascape.

The Sundermann low-head water turbine is a submerged water turbine which drives a generator. The turbine has been specifically designed to maximize operational efficiency in slow to medium water flows of 6 - 12 knots.

Through unique and innovative design, it efficiently extracts power from slow-to-medium water-flows in tidal and river environments. The result is a cheaper, greener and more-dependable provision of power.

Water power and the future

Tidal power is a relatively untapped source from which to generate zero emission electricity. Tidal and river power utilizes the potential energy in a given location via the kinetic energy of moving water - a sustainable and renewable source of energy. Tidal and river currents are more predictable, more efficient and easier to harness than solar or wind power. The World Energy Council predicts that there are sufficient sites to support 450GW of tidal power capacity globally.